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March created a visual identity for this innovative mobile healthcare tech start-up.

Tuberosity is a mHealth (Mobile Health) start-up that’s core aim is to create efficiency in healthcare provision to benefit both provider and consumer.

Founded by spinal surgeon Dr Jim Grey, the business aims to facilitate efficiency through a suite of innovative mHealth apps.

March was commissioned to create an identity for Tuberosity that would reflect its virtues as a modern and revolutionary brand.



"A rounded prominence; especially a large prominence on a bone usually serving for the attachment of muscles or ligaments."

Tuberosity will create a series of apps that will improve connectivity and communication within different departments of healthcare.

Taking inspiration from the essence of a tuberosity, we explored themes of connectivity, prominence and circular patterns.

desktop-tuberosity.jpg tablet-tuberosity.jpg phone-tuberosity.jpg

Presenting the concept

We pitched our concept through a range of usage situations including on screen, within an app, outdoor and on stationery. We explained how the identity would reflect not only the nature of the apps but the vision of the company.

The concept was well received and approved on first draft.

macbook-tuberosity.png iPhone-tuberosity.png

We formalised the identity, producing guidelines for supporting colours, typography, usage rules and suggested sizes. This was provided to the client as one succinct brand identity document which they could then distribute to their internal team and supporting agencies so there would be consistency in all their marketing and in-house visual communications.

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March worked creatively, embraced the brand ethos and defined an identity that illustrates the vision and values of Tuberosity.
Jim Gray
Founder, Tuberosity Ltd

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